Alcon Dailies Total 1 One Day Contact Lenses 90 Pack

DAILIES TOTAL1 90 Pack ($89 per box)

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DAILIES TOTAL1 by Alcon is the world’s first and only water gradient daily disposable contact lenses.

Its innovative design offers exceptional breathability and places water where it's needed most, creating an ultra-soft surface and gentle cushion of moisture on your eye – the result is a contact lens that’s so comfortable it feels like nothing at all.


  • No cleaning required
  • Start each day with a new lens
  • Outstanding breathability for white, healthy-looking eyes
  • Breakthrough design featuring a unique water gradient provides a gentle cushion of moisture on the eye for lasting comfort

Recommended for:

  • Those wanting a high-quality, convenient daily disposable lens
  • Contact lens wearers who want more comfortable wear time
  • Individuals with nearsightedness or myopia (difficulty seeing distant objects clearly)
  • Individuals with farsightedness or hyperopia (difficulty with near vision or blurriness at all distances)
  • Individuals suffering from contact lens dryness


Alcon DAILIES TOTAL1 90 Pack includes 90 lenses per box

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