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Allergies and Eye Drops

Allergies and Eye Drops

Spring is in the air!  While the warmer weather, longer days of sunshine and sounds of birds chirping is a welcome sign, the changing of the seasons also means an increase in pollen and seasonal allergies.  Common sources of pollen include grasses, weeds, and trees such as pine, birch and cedar.  Many people with pollen allergies suffer from symptoms such as itchy, red, or watery eyes.

Why Use Blue Lenses for Electronic Devices?

Why Use Blue Lenses for Electronic Devices?
It’s 2018, and the presence of modern day technology continues to have a tremendous impact on our lives. We live in a society where bringing a laptop to school, making appointments and taking pictures on our smartphone has become a conventional practice. Nowadays, converting traditional paper books into “e-books” on the comfort of our own iPads is indeed a popular practice. However; although modern technology such as computers, smartphones, and tablets are designed to make our lives easier, such technology...

Blue Light: The Good, the Bad, and What You Should Do About It

Blue Light Protection
Blue Light is a Part of our Lives Now We live in a much different age than the one our parents did. Thanks to advancements in technology, most of us spend a large portion of our days and nights in front of a screen. We stare at a computer for work, we are checking our phones every few minutes, and to relax, most of us head home and watch television. And while this shift certainly does come with innumerable benefits,...

How to Price Out Quality Sunglasses that Help Protect Your Eyes from UV Rays

Sunglasses that Protect from UV rays
Now that the warm weather is starting to end, you might think you can stash those sunglasses for the winter season, but you may need them more than you think.  Even in the winter harmful UV-A and UV-B rays can harm your eyes and have long-term and short-term negative consequences on your eyes and overall vision. Not all of the sun’s rays are harmful.  In fact, UV-C is absorbed by the ozone layer and doesn’t pose a threat to our...

How Glasses Can Help You

Readers Toronto
Shelf readers, or “ready readers,” can be bought from your local pharmacy, Costco, Walmart or other large, consumer-centred stores.  It has been rumoured that these buy-it-yourself options are not the same when compared to those prescribed to you by an optometrist.  The only trouble you may encounter with the shelf readers is that they can cause headaches, eyestrain, and/or tired eyes if you are not wearing a strength that is suitable for your eyes’ needs. Professionally made readers or prescription...

How Computer Lenses Make a Difference for Your Eyes

Computer Eyeglass Lenses
Are computer glasses for you?  Typically, you will need lenses for when you use electronics like laptops and computers, tablets, and smart phones if you experience any of the following symptoms: Blurred vision Eye strain Eye fatigue Neck and/or back pain Sensitivity to light.   Changes in colour perception Burning sensations Dry or watering eyes Difficulty focusing When you are using these devices your eyes strain from concentrating on the small screen to concentrating on things in the real world,...

Expensive vs. Cheap Sunglasses: What’s the Difference?

Cheap Sunglasses Toronto
In theory, a pair of sunglasses should be a relatively simple and straightforward thing - two pieces of tinted plastic or glass being held together in a metal or plastic frame. They should fit on your face and ideally, look good. Seem’s pretty standard and what most people are used to, right? But it is here that we find the problem. Just about everybody wants a pair of good-looking sunglasses, and for many, that mean’s a pair of designer eyewear....

Disposable Contacts: Which Options Are Right For You?

Disposable Contact Lenses
Perhaps you just received a prognosis of impaired vision, however, the notion of wearing cumbersome glasses every day is not very appealing to you. Or maybe you are a long time wearer of corrective eyewear, but the idea of laser surgery to enjoy a more active lifestyle seems a bit much. Fortunately, the time to make the switch to disposable contact lenses has never been easier, however, with such variety available, it can often leave the consumer wondering which kind...

7 Reasons Your Kids NEED to Start Wearing Sunglasses

kids Sunglasses Toronto
One of the most rewarding, and yet, challenging jobs a person can have is being a parent. On the one side, children are inspiring, innocent, funny, and in many ways tiny versions of ourselves. However, with all that enjoyment comes a great deal of responsibility. Not only do we need to feed them healthy foods, and provide them with clothes and shelter, we also need to protect them from the world around them. And while threats to children can take...

Finding the Best Fit for Goggle Frames & Sports Eyewear

Sportswear Eyeglass Frames
Nothing is more important than fit when it comes to protective sports eyewear & goggles. If there’s one thing many athletes might take for granted, it’s their eyesight. It’s super important for people to be aware of eyecare and ways that they can protect their vision. Especially those who are active and or out in the sun quite often. That’s where certified protective eyewear has your back, and your eyes! There are several sports eyewear and sports sunglasses options including sizes for...

Blue Light and Healthy Eyes: The benefits to wearing corrective blue coated lenses

Blue Coated Lenses
There has been some discussion lately about the effects of blue light on the human eye and whether or not corrective, blue coated eyewear, or sunglasses, will protect your eyes. The short answer is yes, these products do help to prevent blue light from entering the back of your eye and damaging your retina.. But what is it? Blue light comes from the sun, LED lighting, CFLs (compact fluorescent lighting), as well as from the electronics that are a part...