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MOSI Adult Swimming Goggle (Rx with Sphere)

MOSI Adult Swimming Goggle (Rx with Sphere)

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MOSI Adult Swimming Goggle by McCray Optical. Anti-fog and 100% UV protection. Left and right lenses can be purchased separately to allow for different Rx.

Available Diopters:

  • -1.50 to -7.00 in -0.5 increments
  • +2.00 to +6.00 in +1.00 increments


  • Lens Colour: Clear
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate


  • $30.00 for plano
  • $79.00 for prescription lenses.
  • For prescriptions stronger than -7.00, please contact us to inquire about pricing.


If you require a different strength for each eye, please enter your prescription in the Prescription Details box above.